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I am Mama Laiwah (pronounced lay-wah), an initiated priest of Oshun in the Lukumi religious tradition. I am a spiritist, a spiritual worker, a tarot reader and a spiritual counselor. I assist people dealing with life’s daily crisis. My goal is to connect you to your inner power through the use of spiritual tools. Spiritual Tools include tarot reading, spiritual baths/cleansings, candle work, incense work, meditation, prayer/affirmations and spiritual counseling,


My teachings are the result of over 30 years of spiritual study. As a child I grew up in a house of spiritual workers. I had no idea that’s what it was, but as an adult I began to realize that ancestor altars, candle spells and spiritual chanting weren’t commonplace. My mother, my grandmother and many of my extended relatives used spiritual tools to make life easier. This is my spiritual foundation.


As a young adult, I started studying spiritual work, but at that time it was labeled New Age. I learned the value of meditation, living in the moment, working with nature, prayer, song and dance. I realized that many of the world’s spiritual systems shared very basic tenets and they could all be used to gain a better understanding of self and to effect our experience in this world.


Today I am an initiated priest of Oshun in the Lukumi religion, a tarot reader, a spiritual guide and a teacher. This path is just an extension of my life’s work; being an educator and a navigator of information. I’ve been a school teacher for ten years, a dance teacher for more than 20 years and a librarian for over 5 years. My life’s work is to help people better their lives through access to the right information.


My services help you to connect to your own spiritual tools through tarot consultations, spiritual tools workshops, books, videos, prayer and meditation.


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