“This is not your average ‘white girl’ reading!” That was one of the comments I got during one of my tarot consultations. As politically incorrect as it sounds, my client’s explanation was dead on. She said, “When I think of readings, I think of someone telling me, “You’re going to have riches and find love. Your life is going to be great!”. I. Am. Not. That. Reader.


I believe people are led to me because they need to hear the truth. Good, bad, ugly… I’m going to give it to you straight. I am grassroots professional. I make sure the message is understood, so sometimes I have to cut to the quick. Life is not warm and fluffy all the time, and neither are the tarot cards. But it’s my job to tell you the truth and offer you solutions to get through the rough waters. It’s also my job to remind you of the work it takes to keep the good times rolling. The result has been that I’ve been able to bring positive changes to a lot of people’s lives. If that’s what you’re looking for, I can offer a few consultations for you.

Spiritual Tools Workshops

My spiritual work flows through all aspects of my life. I am more than just a woman who reads tarot cards. I am a conduit of spiritual growth. When my clients receive their consultations, there are aspects of their lives that are revealed. There is growth, there is change, there is understanding. I found that when I made simple and inexpensive suggestions to my clients that would help their situations, they had no clue how to proceed. I believe in self work, so I suggest empowering spiritual tools like meditation, spiritual baths, altar work etc. While these are common place for me, I began to understand that these are foreign concepts to many people. I saw the need to develop an expeditious crash course for people to understand the basics of spiritual work. From that evolved my spiritual workshops.

Spiritual Tools Class I: Introduction to Spiritual Self Care: 5 week on-line course. Students will leave this class with a basic understanding of mediation and breathing techniques, fundamentals of creating affirmations, protective rituals including spiritual baths, incense and candle spells. The final project is to create a manifestation altar. 

Spiritual Tools Class II: Herbs and Altars to designed to provide you with basic information, resources and practices for working with herbs. The class covers the medicinal and spiritual properties of common household herbs. Students will be guided in making their own herbal products as well as setting up an ancestor altar and a spirit guide altar.