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Mama Laiwah
Spiritual Philosophy

My practice is based in the idea that we are all connected to the Creator and therefore, we all have the power to bring change into our lives. As a tarot reader, I draw people to me who need to hear important information from their own spiritual entourage. Yes, you are guided by a whole entourage of spiritual forces whose job it is to guide you to your destiny. When I read, it is to give you the best possible information to empower you to make informed choices about your life’s journey.


Sometimes in life, we need a little extra… A little extra help, a little extra protection, a little extra clarity, a little extra love… heck, a little extra money. I’ve learned to utilize herbs, candles and incense to bring those things into existence. I have been blessed to share these gifts with others by assisting them in using these spiritual tools and by teaching them how to use them for themselves.

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