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Smiling Faces: Hidden Dangers.

"Hey girlie!". Every time I'd hear that high pitched psuedo baby voice woman saying, "Hey girlie" to me, I'd cringe. I wasn't really sure why... Until today. Today I watched a syrupy sweet, doe eyed angel instantly transform into the iciest calculating bitch you've ever seen in your life. All while defending her absolutely wrong actions... basically because she wasn't getting her way. I will tell you. It took me totally by surprise. Why? Because I had never seen the mean spirited woman she had transformed into... in the whole time I'd known her.

It happens. People present one face in public, but they get angry, you see their true colors. In this case, I had a suspicion, but had never really needed to pay close attention. You better believe it though, when I saw that flash of devil, I RAN to my one and trusted tool. My tarot deck. (Wait... what???? This is a post about tarot cards???!!!)

One of the good things tarot cards, they cut through to the heart of the matter. I don't use the tarot to see other people's personal business, that's unethical... and a little bit stalkerish. Instead, I use the tarot cards to see who that person is to me. In reality, this is a much more effective way to use the tarot when dealing with other people. It can tell you their motivations, their intentions and their character when it comes to you. All in one card.

When I asked the tarot who she was to me, I understood the truth behind her smiling face and sweet voice. That smile and baby voice hid her true character; one of dishonesty and disruption. It helped me to understand why I always felt uneasy in her presence and allowed me to treat her accordingly. Thanks to the tarot, I never had to have an altercation with her, nor did I have to wait for her fangs to come out and scratch me personally.

People often ask when is a good time to get a tarot reading? This situation is a perfect example of when to consult the tarot. Anytime you are trying to understand your relationship with someone, a tarot reading is a perfect way to gain clarity. It's a great way to see who is truly on your team and who is not. Tarot not only give you insight to the nature of your relationship, but they can also give you guidance to fix any bumps in the roads, to change your attitude or to forewarn of danger.

Here comes the plug.

For $15, you can get insight on anyone you have a relationship with. We all have intuitive feelings about people around us. Sometimes we are on the money... sometimes, not so much. A one-card reading can give you some clarity and help you to plan your next step.

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