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Living Proof: My Physical Transformation Using Spiritual Tools

The Doctor’s Office

I woke up not realizing this would be the end of my life, as I know it. It seemed like a simple enough day; today I had a doctor’s appointment.

I haven’t had real health insurance since I was a full time graduate student back in 2011. I decided with my new job, I’d start with a new healthy clean slate.

I’ve been seriously adding and subtracting from my lifestyle since January…

I’ve stopped eating meat (for good). Let me explain that a little bit… I’ve been pseudo vegetarian for years now. Psuedo? Yeah… as in, I eat chicken when I'm pms-ing… or when it's offered. LOL But as of March, I’ve been seriously and totally meat and dairy free. I started an exercise program my goal being 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day. Some weeks I kick arse… other weeks I suck. LOL There is no in-between. This month I stopped eating grains. All of these changes have been my attempt to “be considerate of how my body operates”. (Remember that phrase, it’s important for later…)

I have been checking my weight and blood pressure fairly often, and with all these changes, I’ve only lost minimal weight AND my blood pressure has been on the steady incline. I’ve been vaguely worried, but also confidant that eventually all these changes will show in my physical. So imagine my shock when I went to the doctor’s office and the nurse took my weight and blood pressure and they’d both gone up. DAHELL????

Weight: 193

Blood Pressure: 147/90

MY normal blood pressure: 119/68

I thought the nurse had made a grave mistake. Surely something was wrong with her equipment. But then the doctor confirmed what the evil nurse had told me… only worse. Now my blood pressure was 153/96. As I explained to the doctor how this was just a misunderstanding, and how exceptionally healthy I was… despite my chunky gut… she waited patiently. Then she quietly and slowly (like she thought I wouldn’t understand what she was saying) told me I needed medication. MEDICATION.


I, Mama Laiwah, don’t do Blood Pressure medication. That is NOT what we bout to do boo boo.

Sorry… my inner urban came out for a moment. I’m back…

So. I took my prescription for medication, made an appointment for blood work and my follow-up appointment for 6 weeks, but I knew something she didn’t know. THIS was not going to be the final word on my health. Not without a fight.

Watch Me Work

I am recording this process for all to see, the ups and downs of me taking my life back. I left the doctor’s office and I texted my big brother. He too is suffering from health issues; so I thought he’d understand my determination not to be another statistic. We both just watched our older brother die from the bad health cocktail of bad heart, bad kidneys, bad health… Yes, he had other issues, but it all boils down to genetics and bad choices. To my surprise, my brother’s response was kinda like, “Forget that! I’m eating what I want and take my meds and drink plenty of water”.

And that’s when it hit me.

I’m at a crossroad. I can be like my brother and do what the doctor expects me to do, eat bad, sit on my arse (my brother does exercise though, love you big bro!), be stressed and take my meds. OR I can use all these spiritual tools I talk about to change my life and make it better.

This blog is about that change and the spiritual tools I’m using to make this a reality. We are used to seeing spells for finding love and money. We know there are rituals for all kinds of things, but we look around and we see many spiritual leaders who are unhealthy and unhappy. I am putting my money where my mouth is, literally. Changing my life through ritual prayer and action. Stay tuned, and let’s see how this turns out.

Yours in truth,

Mama Laiwah

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