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Living Proof: My Physical Transformation Using Spiritual Tools #2

So today was an interesting day. I spent the day reading about High Blood Pressure and following my spirit. I have two books I’m working from, one from the conventional medicine point of view and the other from the alternative medicine point of view. I want to be as informed as possible throughout this process.

My doctor prescribed a conventional diuretic to combat my High Blood Pressure, but I figured I’d find a middle ground and take herbal diuretics. That is, foods that are known to have the same effect as a pharmaceutical diuretic. Dandelion, hibiscus teas serve as diuretics and also help lower high blood pressure. Other helpful herbs are garlic, parsley and celery. Luckily, I already had most of these things in my pantry.

Where My Spiritual Tools Come In

I am using the tools I've learned as a Lukumi priest (Traditional African Religion) and as a spiritualist. When we need to create a bath for spiritual cleansing, or a spell for protection, we use herbs and prayers to bring about a change in our circumstances. I made my herbal tea for lowering my blood pressure using the same principle. I chose specific herbs to address high blood pressure, I created a sacred space with prayer and intention, and then I created the “potion” (tea) and let it steep. I also started my day with the following:

1 cup of water mixed with apple cider vinegar and honey

A fruit juice, frozen fruit and banana smoothie

A ½ cup of freshly juiced watermelon and ginger juice

Later I peeled a cucumber and sprinkled garlic/parsley seasoning on it. No salt.

Guidance From My Spiritual Entourage

Oshun: When I started this process, I went to the river to meditate on the spiritual tools I'd need for this six week period. One of the things Oshun showed me was that I needed to make a waist bead using colors that reminded me of her. The purpose of this adornment was to give me a visual of how much weight I've lost and to keep the energy of this process around me in a physical sense. Last night when I was making my spiritual waist bead, I ran out of white beads. I used white beads and a honey colored array of beads. My mission today was to find some white beads to finish the job. I went to two different stores and neither had the white beads I needed, so I had to improvise. I knew I could follow my intuition and find a proper solution, and I did. I found a string of carnelian quartz. It just seemed like it would fit the color scheme I’d begun. When the cashier brought the stones to me in a small little yellow bag I was sure! The bag, with the stones inside, instantly put me in the mind of Oshun, and I knew these were the stones I needed. I saw the bag and I teared up, overwhelmed with the feeling that Oshun was with me in this process. I was so excited to find out Carnelian stones are action gems. Their energy give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life!

Carnelian Stones: Aid in motivation, courage, and action towards new goals.

Ancestors: I have an altar at my house that I used to as a space for me to "talk" to my deceased family. It has their pictures and other things to keep my family connections strong. I know I can’t succeed in this transformation without the help of my ancestors, so I started this process with a talk with them. I explained to them what the doctor said, about the medication, and what I was doing. I asked for their blessings and their guidance. I believe they heard me because later, when I was looking for something to watch as I finished my waist beads, I was drawn to “What the Health”. It was perfect. Just like the carnelian, it brought me to tears because it reconfirmed that I was indeed on the right track.

Tarot: I've also incorporated tarot in this process. Each night I do a "card of the day (COD)" to review important themes of my day. During this six week process I am also doing a "card of the transition (COT)". Today's COT was Ace of Pentacles, so very appropriate!

The ace of pentacles is a wonderful card to receive at the beginning of a new adventure. This card is one of open roads, growth and achievement. The ace of pentacles let me know that I am receiving help from my spiritual entourage, represented by the cloud and the hand in the sky. The garden gate signifies my future success and happiness that is connected with this transition. It also tells me I am leaving one stage of my life to enter a new and prosperous beginning. But as I look through the doorway, I know some of these days will be difficult, represented by the mountain in the background. But it's ok because it's all part of the journey. This really is a good card to get on day one. Blessings. LOL And looking at it deeper, it also reaffirms my approach of using fruits and vegetables to reclaim my health, represented by all the vegetation in the picture. Spiritual Tools indeed!

I ended my first day at the river. I recorded a brief video to let you know what I ate and how day one feels. I forgot to mention my morning smoothie, but I still ate fairly light this day. Enjoy.

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