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Mama Laiwah's Urban Understandings: The Fool Tarot

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. This is the legal disclaimer we all must begin with. So there. I've said it.

That being said, we all need a better understanding of the tarot and what they mean... I want to give a quick and dirty lesson on the tarot and what they mean. Something that'll stick in your mind. Let's start at the beginning. Tarot zero, The Fool.

First off, The Fool doesn't mean what you think it means. It doesn't mean you are being played for a fool or that your are acting an arse... Instead it means new beginnings. When you look at the photo, the first thing you see is this guy, at the edge of a cliff, with his pet dog by his side. He's got his heads in the clouds and is willing and ready to jump off the cliff to see if he can fly. You know who else started a journey just like this?

Yup! You got it, Dorothy from the Wiz. Just as Dorothy was swept away from Auntie Em and her family, this card asks you to leave those things that are familiar to you, those things that have you secretly wondering is there more to life... Leave them and take a giant leap of faith into the unknown. Usually, there's some unforeseen tragedy that blows you from you comfort zone into unchartered territories. But like Dorothy, you will be given new friends to accompany you, and a long winding golden road to follow... if you pay attention.

The Fool Reversed

When a card is pulled and it's upside down, this is called "reversed". In this case, The Fool reversed is warning you that you are moving too fast without taking in the consequences of your actions. Think of Dorothy in the poppy fields. EVERYONE told her to slow down, something ain't quite right....

This is the quintessential card of "doing too much!". You're trying to break away from routine, go your own way and "be free", when really what you need to do is stop drop and roll your arse into a plan. Yup. You need to sit down, count your money, make a budget, get a calendar, take a nap, and chill. All of the above. ASAP! The Fool reversed also warns us of being hard headed and not listening to the voice in our head, our friends or other warning signs in our life. We've stayed too long at the party and now we're feeling the consequences of our actions.

The fool tarot card is a reminder that there's a time for reckless abandon and a time to make a plan. Sometimes when you are unsure which side of the card you're working on, it's good to get a tarot consultation and gain some clarity. Hopefully the Fool will fall upright and you can skip blissfully into the sunset.

Peace and Light,

Mama Laiwah

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