Tarot Consultations

The three card reading gives you a general overview of a situation/question. It takes about 15-30 minutes. Email mamalaiwah@gmail.com to for appointment, or inbox or DM M...
3 Card Tarot Consultation
30 min
The 7 card reading gives details to a situation/question. This reading includes information on the past and the future. The 7 card reading can also be used to answer a ye...
7 Card Tarot Consultation
1 hr
This reading is ideal for taking a snapshot of where you are and what energy is coming. This reading covers a year's time and gives insight into the past year's lessons, ...
Life Reading/End of the Year Reading
1 hr 30 min

email mamalaiwah@gmail.com for appointments

or send a message to "Mama Laiwah" on Facebook or Instagram

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